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  • The terms listed apply to visits to NoLimitz Trampoline Park
  • The terms and conditions apply to you and members of your group. You acknowledge and agree to all parts of the terms listed, and agree to the booking terms and conditions
  • No Limitz Trampoline Park reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time
  • No variation to the terms and conditions shall be valid unless agreed by No Limitz Trampoline Park
  • No under 6's are allowed on the park during free jump sessions. We have scheduled Parent and Toddler sessions available weekdays as shown on our timetable ( Term time only)
  • All persons using the trampoline/activity areas need to have a waiver signed. Under 18's must be signed by a parent/legal guardian. THIS CAN BE DONE ONLINE
  • Any damage caused by you or any member of your group whether wilful or accidental will be liable to reimburse full costs to No Limitz Trampoline Park
  • No Limitz Trampoline Park does not accept any responsibility or claims for the loss of property, damage to or theft of personal belongings whilst using our facilities. Valuables and money should not be left unattended

These Terms and Conditions apply to the booking of all sessions at NoLimitz Trampoline Park.

These Terms and Conditions contain important information regarding participation by you and the members of your party and accordingly, you acknowledge and agree that you shall ensure that all members of your party are aware of and accept these Booking Terms and Conditions.

1. General

1.1 No variation to these Terms and Conditions shall be binding unless agreed by NoLimitz Trampoline Parks Ltd.

1.2 NoLimitz Trampoline Park Ltd reserves the right to make changes to the Activities for any reason and without notice.

1.3 Any persons using the trampoline park must be 6 years of age or over, unless participating in a specific toddler session, and in which case must be accompanied by a responsible consenting adult or guardian.

1.4 Any person using the NoLimitz Trampoline Parks Ltd facilities must complete, or have a wavier completed on their behalf. Those participants under 18, or any participant without the capability to complete their own wavier, must ensure a legal guardian has completed a wavier on their behalf.

1.5 Any person causing wilful damage to the facilities, fixtures or fittings of NoLimitz Trampoline Parks Ltd will be liable to pay for the rectification of any damage caused. This includes any damage caused by misuse of equipment and/or failure to comply to supplied guidance.

1.6 NoLimitz Trampoline Parks Ltd does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to personal property whilst onsite. This includes vehicles in surrounding car parks or parked on neighbouring roads. Vehicles and their contents are left at their owner's risk.

1.7 NoLimitz Trampoline Parks Ltd reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone engaging in what is believed to be antisocial or unsafe behaviour. On the basis of health and safety NoLimitz Trampoline Parks Ltd reserves the right to refuse entry to late arrivals.

1.8 The activities include all variations of trampolining and participation is not without risk as serious misuse could be fatal. All participants must attend a safety briefing prior to every park session.

1.9 NoLimitz Trampoline Parks Ltd reserves the right to refuse admittance to participants or to remove a participant from the premises should it be deemed necessary to do so. This includes a participant whose behaviour is considered unsafe, or who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The decision of the Duty Manager will be final.

1.10 We do not proviodr or accept responsibility for the supervision of children. Children must be supervied by a parent or guardian at all times.

1.11 All trampolines are restricted to a weight limit of 125kg (19.6 st). Participants over this weight limit are not permitted to jump in the park as this represents a considerable risk to the participating individual and themselves.

1.12 Participants must be dressed appropriately. NoLimitz Trampoline Parks Ltd reserves the right to refuse admittance to the park to any participant who is not appropriately dressed. The minimum standard of expectation in dress code includes a vest top and shorts. All participants should ensure they remove all jewellery before participating in any activities.

1.13 All participants are required to wear NoLimitz Trampoline Parks Ltd jump socks for safety and hygiene reasons whilst in the park.

1.14 No refunds or compensation will be payable by NoLimitz Trampoline Parks Ltd in the event that any participant is not permitted to, refused permission or decides not to, undertake or complete the activities.

2. Group and Party Bookings

2.1 In the event that NoLimitz Trampoline Parks Ltd are providing catering for your group specific dietary requirements must be communicated at the time of booking to ensure these requirements are met where possible. Failure to provide adequate notice of any changes to dietary requirements may lead to an inability to supply said requirements.

2.2 Should a group choose to make amendments to their catering options, a minimum of 7 clear days notice must be provided.

2.3 Birthday Parties: The addition or reduction of guests to a birthday party must be completed under the following conditions; the remaining number of guests does not fall below 10, that NoLimitz Trampoline Parks Ltd has adequate space to accommodate additional participants and finally, all changes are made in accordance to the refund and transfer policy.

2.4 Birthday Parties: A party is required to present themselves to a member of staff 30 minutes prior to the confirmed jump time. Rights of admission can be refused at any time in the case of excessive lateness.

3. Price and Payment

3.1 NoLimitz Trampoline Parks Ltd reserves the right to change its prices at any time. As much notice as possible will be given should a change in price occur.

3.2 No refunds will be given for transactions made by gift vouchers. Bookings may be transferred in adherence with our transfer policy.

3.3 Payment is taken in UK Sterling £

4. Refunds and Transfers

4.1 NoLimitz Trampoline Park Ltd requires 14 clear days notice to provide a refund for any cancellations. Any cancellations occurring with less than 14 days notice yet more than 7 clear days notice will be offered a transfer. This requires the participant to specify an alternative date and time for their booking at the time the transfer is offered. With less than 7 days notice all cancellations will not receive a refund or transfer, resulting in all monies lost.

The governing law of bookings and payments is the UK. Payments are taken in GBP.

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